Write.as is a small team of people with a strong vision for the web of the future — one that includes privacy, autonomy, and human-centric design. We've been building creative tools for the web since 2013, and are forming the sustainable organization needed for the next decade.

We started with our privacy-focused writing platform, Write.as, and the open source software behind it, WriteFreely. Now we're building new small, focused tools like Snap.as and Submit.as, forming a connected suite of apps that all work well, whether together or each on their own.

We're small and independent — free from outside investment — so we can focus on building a great product rather than needless hyper-growth; on our customers rather than investors. We work hard, from across North America and Europe, using the same products we build every day.

Our users, too, live all over the world. We constantly seek their diverse perspectives, and want to build a similarly diverse team of people all working toward a common vision. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Work from wherever you're most productive

  • Build sustainable open source software

  • Your opinion matters, and has a direct impact on what we build

  • Learn and grow quickly with new, interesting challenges every day

  • Join a growing, bootstrapped company building for the long-term