We're a small, distributed team building creative tools for the next decade on the web – starting with our open source publishing platform, WriteFreely. We're looking for an experienced Android developer to help build new Android apps for our ecosystem of tools, from our core publishing experience to Write.as for Teams.

Here, you'll play a crucial role in the growth of our bootstrapped company. You'll get to work on projects that help advance digital privacy, the open web, and the ActivityPub-powered fediverse. Your work will be used by 50,000+ people around the world, on both Write.as and the 100+ other WriteFreely instances running on the web today.

What you’ll do

In this position, you’ll work closely with our founder and other developers on the team to develop our various Android apps. You'll take ownership of features on our roadmap and collaborate with developers and users on our Phabricator instance and forum. You’ll respond to bug reports and lend your knowledge to help build new mobile clients for this robust, federated publishing platform.


We’re looking for engineers with:

  • Experience writing solid, reliable native Android apps
  • Good git habits (granular commits, descriptive commit messages)
  • Good self-motivation; comfortable setting and meeting deadlines
  • Good self-direction; comfortable making reasonable design decisions based on their knowledge of the product and business
  • A strong command of English; comfortable communicating clearly and professionally

Though not required, we’d particularly like to hire someone with:

  • Experience with the Write.as ecosystem
  • Experience with ActivityPub / the fediverse

How we hire

We're more interested in candidates that can get a job done than master the art of interviewing, so we make our hiring decisions largely from demonstrated performance.

After you apply, we'll do a video interview, just to get a feel for one another. If all goes well, we'll start you off with a short, paid project. This will be your opportunity to show off your abilities, see what the work environment is like, and overall see if we work well together. Then, if the project goes well, we'll make it official.